Herbert J. Camet, Jr., M.A.
     Email:  hjcjr1@gmail.com    /    Tel:  206 397 4751  
    Website:  http://educationreformseattle.my-free.website
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    Seattle School Board, District 4

     Public education is not a corporate business nor a government bureaucracy, it is a mutual partnership among
     the learners (students), the teachers, and the parents in an authentic learning community to meet the educational
     needs of our children and youth. 
     Our public schools belong to all the people, not to corporate business nor partisan special interests nor to government

     The K-12 public education system has become dysfunctional as it does not meet the real learning needs of our children
     and youth and chronically fails to enable or allow our students to achieve and attain at the best of their abilities.
     Public education has been warped and subverted into a "schooling system" whose aims and purposes are to "school"
     youth into the dumbed-down and fake "norms and values" of the corporate commercial consumer culture, instead of
     being a real educational and learning community built on creating, enabling, and enhancing the learning opportunities
     and achievements of all students.

     Education and educational administration are too essential to the future of our youth and their parents to be left
     to corporate politicians or government bureaucrats. 

     The Seattle School Board and Seattle's public schools need now a professional innovative educator to reorient,
     reform, and redevelop public education for our children and youth.
      And I am that candidate.
      I am a wholly non-partisan non-corporate independent candidate without affiliation or involvement with any
      political party, corporate business, special interest group, or other organization.

      I am the ONLY candidate in this District 4 election who has any professional experience serving as a K-12
      School Principal.

      I am the ONLY candidate in this election who has any personal and professional experience working as a K-12 school
      principal, teacher, ESL/ELT training manager, and K-12 & ESL/ELT Curriculum Specialist in 10 countries worldwide for over
       35 years.

      I am the ONLY candidate in this election who has specific plans, proposals, and programs to improve and re-develop
      public education to meet the actual learning needs of our youth and their parents.
      I am the ONLY candidate in this election who has a comprehensive and proven plan for teacher training and
     re-training in learner-centered learner-interaction-based instructional methodologies to immediately increase
     student achievement in all grade levels and within all subject areas.
      I am the ONLY candidate in this election who will reform and invigorate the incompetent, ineffective, and
     inefficient Seattle School Board composed of corporate politicos, schooling system bureaucrats, and untrained unqualified
     non-educators, a Board which cannot even control nor administer its own finances and auditing much less monitor,
     audit, and investigate the mismanagement and waste which are endemic in the public school bureaucracy; 
      I am the ONLY candidate in this election who is a non-partisan and non-corporate activist unaffiliated with any
     political party or political group because public education itself by its nature and mission is always non-partisan and for
     all the people - all students, all parents, all teachers, all communities - and not beholden to, nor influenced by,
     any partisan groups;
      And I am the ONLY candidate in this election who has the professional background, personal life experiences,
     academic qualifications, ideological perspectives, and practical hands-on education administration and
     training management work, including supervision and evaluation of all aspects of K-12 schools operations especially the
     monitoring and mentoring of teachers to improve classroom teaching methods and learning enhancement approaches
     for all students.  

     I am the ONLY candidate in this election professionally qualified, personally experienced, ideologically creative
     and innovative, and committed to reform and re-development of the Seattle School Board and of the Seattle public
     school system.  
     The other candidates are the "know-nothings" without any professional education experience,
     or the 'schooling system' bureaucrats currently on the payroll of the same public school system which has too long
     failed our children & youth - they never served anywhere as a K-12 school principal, nor as an ESL training manager,
     nor as a K-12 & ESL/ELT curriculum specialist, nor as international expert in teacher training and re-training into
     authentic learner-centered and learner interaction-based instructional methodologies to enable student classroom
     achievement, nor as a cross-cultural educator in 10 countries worldwide.

     I am the ONLY candidate in this election who has earned and deserves your vote as a Seattle School Board
     skilled public education reform and re-vitalization member.


  •  Served as K-12 School Principal in USA, Cambodia, Iraq, and Vietnam.
  • Academic Qualifications: Master of Arts (M.A.) in Education Administration; Bachelor of Arts in History/Government;
        Teacher Certification Graduate Education Program;  Peace Corps TESL Training; Raytheon Corp TESL Training;
        California Basic  Educational Skills Test (CBEST).
  •  Peace Corps Volunteer (PCV) as ESL teacher/supervisor in Yemen (2 years).
  •  Successful blend of teaching, administrative, and business experience in domestic and international settings.
  •  Designed, implemented, and managed ELT/ESL programs in 8 countries.
  •  Student-oriented professional with a reputation for innovation, quality, and results in
          learner-centered instructional models.
  •  Created, developed, organized, administered, staffed, budgeted, and supervised ESL training program
          in Thailand for 12 hospitals and 3,000 staff for the largest private healthcare system in SE Asia.
  •  Set up, registered, owned, staffed, and operated my own private job skills training business in Thailand.
  •  Proven ability to manage multiple tasks, projects, and assignments simultaneously.
  •  Organized and conducted teacher training workshops and seminars in various organizational and cultural venues.
  •  Respected by employers, students, trainees, families, and colleagues for vision,
          follow-through, and commitment to educational excellence.
  •  Extensive professional experience in diverse cultures with international work & life experience in 9 countries,
         including Saudi Arabia (8 years), Thailand (6 years), Turkey (2 years), Yemen (2 years), UAE (1 year),
         Germany (1 year), Iraq and Vietnam (1 year), Cambodia and Pakistan (1 year) as well as travel in more than 30 countries
  •  Demonstrated ability to learn and utilize new methods, systems, and to adapt to varying organizational environments.
  •  An in-depth knowledge of cross-cultural educational leadership and training management in 10 countries.


      I ​plan to make the School Boar​d more activist and​ hands-on in its oversight​, ​monitoring​,​ and auditing of​ all​ ​operations and  
      projects and policies​ of the school​  d istrict, including its academic and educational services, its financial affairs and fundin​​​g,​​​
      its supervision and evaluation ​of all district ​​​staff, and its teacher training and  re-training programs.

       Included in my specific School Board action plans and proposals are:

-​    ​​I will personally visit each school in District 4 to meet with principals, assistant principals, and teachers​​ to obtain their input
    and feedback on the school's academic program and educational​​ services​​ and on their needs for improving instruction and 
    student  achievement.​

- ​  T​he appointment of a School Superintendent who is a fully qualified and experienced​​ non-conventional innovative educator,
    not a  corporate business hack nor a same old ineffectual ​'​K-12 ​schooling system​'​ bureauc​rat​​.

​- ​​​  E​xpansion of the "School Option" program to give parents and students more choice in their school enrollment preferences 
        within their neighborhood district or in other districts.

- ​  E​xpansion of the now-experimental "Cascade Parent Partnership Program (CPPP") to schools in each district to involve
    parents  more closely in their child's learning environment - parents ​can be​ an essential part of the school's learning activities​.​

- ​  I​ncreased ​regular ​direct advocacy, communications, and interactions by the School Board members with the WA State
    Legislature members and with the local Seattle municipal officials​ on a regularly scheduled basis.​

- ​   A​ Board authorized and mandated teacher re-training program in learner-centered, learner interaction-based inst​ructional​​ ​​​
     methodolog​ies​ to improve and enhance student classroom learning experiences and student achievement leve​ls across all
     subject areas and all grade levels​ with a focus on in-class student pair work and small group work.​

- ​​   A ​complete Board-mandated review and re-authorization of all Seattle schools special programs and projects as these have
     multiplied beyond efficient financial oversight and effective educational evaluation as to their actual need and student
     achievement outcomes​.​

- ​   A​ full financia​l ​re-auditing of all​ ​s​cho​ol​ ​​​di​strict ​services, operations,​ and program expendit​​ures and expenses to eliminate
    endemic waste and mismanagement of resources​.​

-    A reduction in class sizes to enable teachers to give more individual attention to each student.

- ​   An intensive anti-drugs​ (including illicit & illegal drugs as well as prescription drug abuse) classroom information and
    curriculum component​ for appropriate grade levels to effectively end the drugs abuse cycle for students and their parents.

​-    An expansion of Pre-Kindergarten (Pre-K) programs and classes with a learner-centered classroom activities
      structure implemented by qualified instructors.

  -   I fully support the expansion and implementation of adequate LGBT anti-bullying and LGBT lifestyle choice educational
      programs  for all Seattle public school students.

  -   I support the appropriate involvement and participation of the legitimate teacher unions and employee unions of the Seattle

      schools in School Board oversight and direction responsibilities and plans as accord with legal obligations. 

     -  The very high and unjustifiable salaries of the top SPS District Administrators from Superintendent through Asst Supt &
        Deputy Supt and Dept Directors must be reduced and brought into better comparative alignment with salaries of teachers
        and other District professional staff, with the monetary savings from these reduced salaries devoted to student
        achievement improvement.

     -  I support initiation and implementation of appropriate animal rights and humane animal companion training programs for
        all grade levels from KG through 12th as an essential learning experience for students and their parents, and for school

     -  The currently pending WA State OSPI ESSA implementation plan must be carefully reviewed and critiqued by the Seattle
        School Board, and the   SPS  District Administration as directed by the School Board, to ensure this proposed ESSA plan
        meets the learning needs and student achievement outcomes of SPS students.

    -  I specifically object to and challenge any School Board candidate who is not self-identified as a non-partisan non-corporate
    and non-political candidate as public education is by its nature, purpose, and mission wholly independent of any and all
    political parties,  political organizations, corporate businesses, or other special interest groups as it must serve and meet
    the educational needs of  ALL students and parents.  I am the ONLY candidate in this School Board election who has not
    self-identified with a political party or political organization, thereby making all the other candidates self-disqualified
    from a School Board post which is by law non-partisan.
    In particular, the other District 4 candidate has already repeatedly publicly declared herself a political party member and
    partisan, and self-admittedly received large amounts of partisan political organization monies and campaign funding and
    endorsements, making her a fake candidate, a 'front' and a stooge owned and operated by that local political party
    machine and its local media hacks, and serving its special corporate business interests seeking lucrative school system
    contracts once she is 'hand-picked placed' on the school board.

    -  I also specifically object to and personally challenge any School Board candidate currently on the payroll of Seattle schools

    in any job or role, including as a teacher, as these candidates have a vested special interest in the existing ‘schooling
    system bureaucracy’, and are themselves system bureaucrats who have a direct personal monetary, financial, and
    retirement  pension interest in maintaining the failing public education system while enriching their own pockets at
    the expense of our youth and their parents and our community who receive inadequate, inappropriate, and unprofessional
    services from these same schooling system employees & 'consultants' or 'advisors'.

​    Again, I am the ONLY candidate in this election who is independent and non-partisan and not controlled by local political
    parties or local party organizations, and who has declined or rejected endorsement​ requests from all such partisan politics
    The Seattle School Board is by law a non-partisan ​post and NO candidates who have declared or identified themselves as ​
    members of a partisan political party or organization for purposes of obtaining endorsements and funds from such
    partisan politics groups should be​ in this election, and never should serve on the School Board.

​     I am the ONLY candidate in this election who has any personal and professional experience working as a school principal,
    teacher, training manager, and K-12 & ESL/ELT​​​​​ c​urriculum specialist ​​​​​​​​in 11 countries worldwide​ (including the USA,
    Germany, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Iraq, Vietnam, Cambodia, Turkey, Pakistan, and the U.A.E.)​ for over 35 years.  

      I am the ONLY candidate in this election who has a comprehensive and proven plan for teacher re-training in
      learner interaction-based classroom methodologies in all grade levels and across all subject areas.

      Working together as students, teachers, parents, staff, and School Board we can and will redevelop and reform public
     education in Seattle from a corporate-controlled 'consumer schooling system' and ineffective government bureaucracy
      into a real learning community that enables and allows our children and youth to achieve and attain all they can be.

      I ask for your support and vote for Seattle School Board District 4.

                            Herbert J. Camet, Jr., M.A.

            Email:  hjcjr1@gmail.com        Tel:  206 397 4751
            Web:  http://educationreformseattle.my-free.website

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